Unstoppable Hope

We live in a world that, by and large, is hopeless. Countless people we pass every day are walking through this life without any kind of lasting hope. Sure, they hope for the weekend all week long. Yes, they hope for the day when things won’t be so busy, or for the day they’ll get to retire and enjoy their time instead of trading it for a paycheck. But when it comes to the end of this life, the world is simply left without hope.

It’s different for Christians though. Scripture is abundantly clear that the Christian life should be one marked by unstoppable hope! I don’t think our hope could be summed up any better than we see it in the words of Jesus recorded by John at the end of Revelation. “Surely I am coming soon” (Rev. 22:20).

As people who have placed our faith in Jesus, we have hope that Jesus is coming again! Scripture says when he comes, he will establish his kingdom in this world. It will be a kingdom in which sin has been eradicated, a kingdom with no more death, a kingdom devoid of pain, a kingdom with no suffering. It will be a kingdom full of joy and peace, a kingdom in which we will live in the presence of our loving Heavenly Father. And the amazing thing is, it will be a kingdom that NEVER ends.

That is the hope we have as followers of Jesus! Remember that hope as you go through your week. He’s coming soon!