The Last Days

The advent of the Holy Ghost on Pentecost in AD 33 took place in the last days, but what are the last days? Joel says the last days are to be identified by an outpouring of the power of the Holy Spirit on ALL flesh. Our sons and daughters and servants and handmaidens will prophesy. Our young men will see visions. Our old men will dream dreams. There will be wonders in heaven; blood, fire, and smoke signs on earth; and the sun will be darkened and the moon will become bloody looking  before the Day of the Lord. Peter said the events of Pentecost were what Joel was talking about, but Pentecost was ONE day and Joel talked about days, plural and not all Joel’s prophecies happened on Pentecost.

Paul said, prophesies will be rendered idle, unemployed, inactive or inoperative (1 Co 13:8), not ceasing to exist. Paul’s prophecy validated for a thousand years from AD 345 – AD 1345 when history reports prophecy ceasing, but Paul did not say prophecy would cease forever. How much time is left for Joel’s prophecies to be fulfilled on ALL flesh? We know that Joel said it would happen “days” from Pentecost in AD 33. What is a prophetic day? Peter says a day is a thousand years in 2 Peter 3:8. We are in the second day from Pentecost, so Joel’s prophecies can now be fulfilled “before the coming of the great and        glorious day of the Lord”. Similarly, the 6 days of creation map into 6000 years. We are in the 6 th day from creation when all God’s works must be completed (Ex 20:11). There is evidence we are beginning to see prophets again. When we see sons, daughters, servants, handmaidens, young men and old men of every nation begin to exercise these gifts of the Spirit, we will know Joel is fulfilled and the age is ending.