Share the Good News!

I love the story of the Shepherds who went and saw Jesus the night he was born. They were out in a field, doing what they did every day. They were watching their sheep when something amazing happened. An angel of the Lord appeared to them and told them of the birth of a baby like no other. Jesus had been born not far from where those shepherds stood. The promised savior had come! God himself had put on flesh and stepped into our world to make a way for us to be set free from sin and experience eternal life with the God who loves us!
The Shepherds hurried to see Jesus with their own eyes. But they didn’t stop there! The story tells us that the shepherds spread the news of who this baby was and why he had come. They proclaimed the good news around Bethlehem, and everyone was amazed. And the story goes on to say that the shepherds returned to the fields “glorifying and prais-
ing God for all they had heard and seen.”
Today as we celebrate Christmas, we’ll do many different things. We’ll open gifts, travel, spend time with loved ones, reconnect, rest, and many other things. But, in the midst of all the business of Christmas remember to do what the shepherds did. Remind those around you of the real reason for the season by sharing the good news! And don’t let this Christmas go by without praising God for all he has done for you by sending his Son.