Parable of the Sower

In Mark 4 Jesus tells 4 different parables. The first is the Parable of the Sower which many of us know well. Jesus uses this parable to tell what can happen when people hear God’s word. For some, the word is snatched away by Satan. It has no effect on them. For some, there is a brief time of growth, but when things get hard, they turn away. For some, there is a time of growth, but their focus on worldly things chokes out their faith. And for others, the word is planted and grows to produce much fruit!

One of the things Jesus is teaching through this parable is that there are all kinds of things that pose a threat to our faith. Satan would love to snatch the word away from us so we can’t grow; adversity can uproot the word planted in us; and worldly cares and temptations can easily distract us from the word if we’re not careful. We must be on guard against these dangers to our faith!

I think in this parable, we also see a portion of the church’s mission field that we don’t often talk about. We are certainly called to reach those who have never heard the word. But we also have a responsibility to reach those from whom the word has been snatched away, those who have turned away because of hard times, and those whose faith has been choked out by the world. Let’s be re-planters of the word, church!