No Room for Jesus

We’re in the middle of a sermon series about the importance of worship in the Christmas season. You see, from that first Christmas thousands of years ago Christmas has been an occasion for worship. But the fact is that even though we have several examples in Scripture of people worshipping God because Jesus entered into human history, there were far more people who didn’t respond with worship. In fact, there were some who simply didn’t have room for Jesus. Think of King Herod, who on hearing of Jesus’ birth ordered all the male children in Bethlehem killed in attempt to kill Jesus. Or what about the inn that had no room for Joseph and Mary to stay in as Mary gave birth to the Savior of the world.

Though worship is certainly the right response to the birth of God’s Son, many people don’t respond to him in worship. At Christmas time we often leave very little room for Jesus. We get too busy planning celebrations, buying gifts and wrapping them, and sending out Christmas cards that we forget to make room for the one this holiday was always supposed to be about.

Let’s make room for Jesus this Christmas season. May we be so focused on the one who came from heaven to earth for us that we’re moved to worship him in all we do and make him the center of Christmas. After all he is the reason for the season!