Focus on His Birth

It’s the Christmas season, a time when we celebrate the most important birth in history. Every year, on December 25th we remember the birth of Jesus. But all too often, at Christmas time, Jesus gets clouded out by many other things, and the one who Christmas is all about ends up being an afterthought. Sure, we put up our manger scenes, but Jesus still gets pushed out of the way by presents, parties, busy schedules, and Santa Claus.

So, let’s stop for a moment and really think about what happened that first Christmas. Jesus’ birth was the moment the son of God stepped off his throne in heaven and landed in a food trough. It was the moment the King of Kings traded his royal robes for swaddling clothes a sacrificial lamb would wear. It was the moment the creator and ruler of the universe became the son of a poor young couple in the tiny town of
Bethlehem. His birth was the moment when God, in all his glory, put on flesh and began to experience human life with all it’s pain, struggle, temptation, and hardship. It was the moment the almighty became a
target in King Herod’s crosshairs. Jesus’ birth was the moment when God humbled himself, in the most dramatic way. And the beautiful thing is that he did all of that for you and me. He did it so that he could lay
down his life and pay the price for our sins. He did it so we could be restored to right relationship with God forever!

Doesn’t Jesus deserve to be the center of Christmas?