Facing Uncertainty

We all know what it is like to feel uncertain about the future. It can be paralyzing, not knowing what the future holds for us. We’ve all been there. We all felt some level of uncertainty when we left home to go out
on our own for the first time. Maybe you felt it when you retired. You may have experienced uncertainty when you lost a job and didn’t know how you’d make ends meet, or when you received a tough medical diagnosis, maybe even when your bills were higher than you expected.
You’ve certainly felt the sting of uncertainty when a loved one passed away. In these situations it can seem like you’re standing on the edge of what’s known, and everything ahead of you is unknown. You don’t know
what the first step holds, let alone what the 10th holds, or the 100th. What do we do when faced with uncertainty? How do we go forward?
In Psalm 119:105, the Psalmist writes, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” We are so blessed that God has given us the gift of his word, especially when dealing with uncertainty. God’s word communicates God’s will to us, it tells us the kinds of things he wants us to do, the kinds of people he wants us to be, how he would have us go about our lives. In that way, God’s word illuminates the way forward for us throughout our lives, including when the way forward is uncertain.
Lean on his word, let it light your path.