Before the Foundation of the World…

One of the most influential writings in the New Testament throughout the centuries has been Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. And one of the amazing truths that we read of very early in this letter is that God chose us for relationship with himself before the foundation of the World. Not simply before we were born, but before he began the process of creating the world we live in! Think about that! Before he ever said “Let there be light” he knew that he wanted an eternal relationship with you and me. Before he formed the world we live in or caused anything to grow on it, God chose us for relationship with him!

              This simple truth will change the way you understand God’s love. The fact that he chose us before the foundation of the world reveals that his love is completely unconditional. We couldn’t earn or merit his love because he made the decision to lavish us in that love before he laid the foundations of the world. What’s even more incredible is that he made that decision knowing all the ways we would mess up, all the ways we would sin against him, and that choosing us would cost his Son’s life. Ultimately what God’s choosing us means is that his love for us is deeper and stronger than any other love we’ve ever known.

              Rest in the knowledge that you are loved by him!